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MilKe Ministries Church "On the Line"

Helping Mankind Live More Abundantly
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Welcome to Our Site!

We live in a fabulous age. At no other time in history could you minister to thousands in multiple countries, teaching one common message, while uniting one common people with the one, true God."







Pastors Kevin & Mildred McCants






Why Church "On the Line"?
Imagine attending church with...
  • incarcerated family members

  • relatives in other cities
  • military family members serving


  • loved ones who travel
  • a friend on facebook
This is just the beginning! Browse every page to find out more!!



                Pastor Kevin           




Pastor Mildred





Biography Features:

Biography Features:

  • Co-Founder MilKe Ministries
  • Co-Founder MilKe Ministries
  • Ordained Minister & Pastor
  • Ordained Minister & Pastor
  • Published Author
  • Woman of Prayer
  • Corporate Trainer
  • Business Entrepreneur
  • Degreed Engineer
  • Professional Mortgage Consultant
  • Degreed Psychologist
  • Single Women's Mentor
  • Married Men's Mentor
  • Married Women's Mentor